I Go To Opticians Events Because?

IO2013 crowdWhy do we go to Opticians events? Quite often when I ask a fellow optician I am told that they really need to get some con-ed credits. I would say that this is the number one answer I receive. I also hear that networking with colleagues and seeing our suppliers at the trade show is also the reason to attend. These are all very valid reasons to go to one of these events. As a profession and industry we strive to move forward. Moving forward requires out of the box progressive thinking. We commonly use the word networking when referring to what we do when we’re hanging for the day with our colleagues. What does networking actually mean we’re doing? Exchanging ideas, sharing professional and personal experiences, suggesting new ideas, and brainstorming how to deal with issues. Continue reading I Go To Opticians Events Because?

They’re In The Door….. Now What?

Vision Monday 002I had a?conversation?today with one of my staff concerning a problem one of her optician friends was having with their optician staff making a sale and ensuring that the client returns for?subsequent?purchases and advice regarding eye care. This made me think. What makes for a great optician? Would a great salesperson be an ideal optician? Would an optician with amazing technical skills be the ultimate? Or how about just a great?schmoozer.
We pondered and discussed at length what would be the make-up be of the perfect optician.

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