Lorne Kashin has been a Registered optician in the province of Ontario since 1975. He opened the Eyeglass Factory in 1977 . The success of The Eyeglass Factory is due to continuous learning, consistent quality, professional advice, and products coupled with personal service.


Professional Activity

Lorne was president of the Ontario Opticians Association (OOA) from 2001 until 2007 and from August 2009 until April 20, 2012. Lorne was also president of the Opticians Association of Canada (OAC)?from 2005 to 2008 and?was OAC vice president?in 2004 and?from 2010 until 2012. Currently Lorne is the Executive Director of the OOA and advisor to the Executive Committee of the OAC. As mentioned?Lorne?is a member and has been a board member of a number of professional associations including The Contact Lens Society?of America (CLSA).

Under his Presidency the OOA initiated a Community Vision Screening project the object of which is to make basic screening available through outreach into areas where people naturally congregate such as the Ontario Science Centre. These events are also an opportunity for public education about vision health. Lorne has also been actively involved through the OAC in developing similar outreach programs in other provinces.


Lorne is also an educator and has given lectures across Canada on advanced practice themes such as refracting,?pride in profession and how to show it,?professionalism?as well as workshops on techniques of fitting Rigid Gas Permeable lenses. He has mentored the practical training of many who are now considered some of Ontario?s premier Opticians.
Focus on Children

Lorne?s understanding of children?s vision health issues extends beyond that available in the average dispensing practice due to the many young clients referred to him from optometrists, ophthalmologists and Children?s Hospital clinics.Lorne paticipated in the Transitions Optical round table consensus?Fostering Healthy Sight in Canada: Focus on Kids.

Legislative Experience

Having worked closely on legislative and regulatory matters with the Ministry of Health (MOHLTC), the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC), the College of Opticians of Ontario (COO), the OAC , the Opticians Council of Canada (OCC), House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (Appeared as a witness regarding the reclassification of cosmetic contact lenses), Lorne brings depth of understanding to the challenges faced when trying to stimulate action initiatives.

Lorne Kashin (Vice-President, Opticians Association of Canada) at the Health Committee

“Kashin Brings Passion to Opticianry” Vision Magazine

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