I Go To Opticians Events Because?

IO2013 crowdWhy do we go to Opticians events? Quite often when I ask a fellow optician I am told that they really need to get some con-ed credits. I would say that this is the number one answer I receive. I also hear that networking with colleagues and seeing our suppliers at the trade show is also the reason to attend. These are all very valid reasons to go to one of these events. As a profession and industry we strive to move forward. Moving forward requires out of the box progressive thinking. We commonly use the word networking when referring to what we do when we’re hanging for the day with our colleagues. What does networking actually mean we’re doing? Exchanging ideas, sharing professional and personal experiences, suggesting new ideas, and brainstorming how to deal with issues. I can imagine the number of great ideas that must be generated on a day like Inside Optics. Over six hundred optical professionals and industry partners sharing ideas and solving the problems of the optical world. But what for the most part happens is after a great day of discussions and new ideas we all go home; back to our busy lives and the ideas go no further. I have noticed over the past number of years at Inside Optics the excitement and passion that everyone shows towards each other and the in depth discussions that take place. We are wasting all this talent! No matter how great the presentations of the day are and the pearls we take back to our practices, they cannot equal the amount of brain power we have assembled. Through the discussions we have at face to face meetings we create many more new ideas than we could ever do through on-line and phone technology meetings. What if after an event such as Inside Optics attendees took the time to share some of the ideas that were discussed over lunch and the breaks? It would only take a few minutes to send in a few words. Nothing fancy. Out of a group of six hundred there has to be quite a few great ideas and comments we can all benefit from. The way for this to be beneficial will be if comments and ideas are positive and forward thing. A bitchfest about issues that are of concern will be of no use to us and will not take us where we want to go. There are discussion groups on the web already where posters only want to promote?negativity.

So? When we get together and we’re discussing on-line dispensing, refraction, delegation, and the other issues and challenges facing our profession: take note of the ideas you and your colleagues come up with and please post them?as a comment on this blog.

See you at Inside Optics 2013 on Sunday April 21st

for a meeting of the minds of Ontario Opticians

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