Kids In The Sun

Recently I had the pleasure of having lunch on the patio of a local restaurant with my wife Dr. D. We watched ?two young mothers arrive with their gorgeous toddlers. Of course I noticed that the two moms were wearing stylish Tiffany and D&G sunglasses. The two toddlers were not wearing sunglasses. Oh yes, Dr. D was wearing her Prada suns with state of the art Radiance polarized lenses by Nikon.

Fast-forward the weekend. Dr. D and I were doing a?walk on Grand Bend beach where

I observed droves of people enjoying the beautiful sand and surf. (I was wearing my Maui Jim Polarized progressives) . Once again I noticed people wearing sunglasses. Everything from the latest quality fashion sunglasses, to the five-dollar street copies. I also noticed,?for the second time in the same week, that the parents were all wearing sunglasses but I was hard pressed to find the few kids wearing them. I saw parents dutifully slathering suntan lotion on the kids protecting their skin from the long-term damage of the sun. ?But what about their eyes? As an optician in my day-to-day practice I help clients choose sunglasses and educate them on the benefits of quality lenses. Polarized to control glare, specialty sport specific and Transitions lenses. There are many options for kids too.

Sunglasses & hats for every age at the beach
Sunglasses & hats for every age at the beach
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Educate at an early age that sunglasses are routine

For the little ones you can spend as little as $10 for basic UV protection while getting them used to wearing sunglasses. Polycarbonate lenses will filter harmful UV while providing very high impact resistance. There are protective fashionable sunglasses for all ages and at all price levels. ?Transitions 7 lenses, with their ability to adjust to varying light conditions, provide a great?option for all who require a prescription and are especially convenient for kids. Add a custom polarized clip-on to your clear or Transitions lenses for added protection and comfort by controlling?glare.

The Eyeglass Factory has focused on children's eye wear for over 37 years
The Eyeglass Factory has focused on children’s eye wear for over 37 years

The key is protection, safety and comfort. A licensed optician is the expert for education and advice on?your?options for all your eye care ?needs.

With all this talk about sun wear Dr. D is reminding me that her new Tory Burch?sunglasses were supposed to be ready last week!

Don’t forget about protecting young eyes from harmful BLUE LIGHT especially from Digital Devices